About Aveiro Tech City

Aveiro Tech City brings together citizens, companies, R&D institutes and state-of-the-art technology to redefine how to live and work in a digital and connected city. The goal is to build and develop a smarter city, transforming its territory in a technology driven place, as a way to address complex urban issues and citizens’ needs.

Imagine a city with endless possibilities: new businesses, more job opportunities, better health services and public transports; safer streets; skilled and engaged citizens. At the end of the day, city’s life comes from those who live in and work and those who transform it. Aveiro Tech City is not only about technology, or connected sensors and devices. Is about citizens and how to create a city with a competitive economy, sustainable environment and most of all a liveable and enjoyable city. Aveiro Tech City is committed with the community and its future. It’s a city made by citizens and for the citizens.

Principles of implementation

In order to improve citizens’ quality of living and make the municipality economically competitive and prepared for the future, this initiative is based in four central pillars:


Technology, services and Apps

Unprecedented challenges require unprecedented actions. This project will transform the city in a tech hub, a digital experimentation living lab through the implementation of 5G technology, fibre and sensors. We intend to develop technology based services and products focused in the improvement of city’s quality.



What we have learned in the past doesn’t ensure professional relevance in the future. The project will trigger the development of talents underpinned by STEAM competences, preparing our human resources towards the requirements of the present and future of labour market. This approach will leverage the competitiveness of the region and increase the quality of living.



The best technological innovations happen when we crossover different areas of knowledge. The project will promote a society based on knowledge, preparing new generations, professors and trainers with multidisciplinary skills required to succeed in this new digital era.



Through innovation and constant preparation for the future we build a competitive city, capable to attract and retain talent. This project will challenge companies, universities and citizens to propose and implement new ideas, products and services capable to transform the city and to address issues identified by the local community.

An open and collaborative city it’s only possible with strong partnerships