A Week dedicated to technology and culture with three events: TechDays Aveiro, Criatech and Prisma/ Art Light Tech. From October 12th to 18th, Aveiro Tech Week takes place in Aveiro, composed of the events TECHDAYS Aveiro, CRIATECH and PRISMA / Art Light Tech, combining technology, art and culture through exhibitions, artistic installations, performances, conferences, laboratories and other experiences. One week with the stamp of the Aveiro 2027 project - Candidate City for European Capital of(…)
Music Tech Fest (MTF) is a growing global community of over 7000 brilliant minds. These innovators come from a wide range of backgrounds, disciplines and skillsets. Many are academics – doctoral, postdoctoral and professorial; others are industry experts, scientists, professional artists, producers, curators, business executives, media professionals and more. They come from fields as diverse as medicine, agriculture, automotive, aviation, product design, social sciences, robotics and AI,(…)
Warning: Applications are being accepted for the CodeHero from 18th May. Following the local strategy of investment in human resources’ training and retaining talent in the Region, the City of Aveiro in partnership with Academia de Código, are implementing an integrated programme, the CodeHero, an Introduction to Computer Science free online learning course. This program aims to promote the development of STEAM competences and to ensure that high school seniors graduates have(…)
Aveiro Tech City Bootcamp aims to promote coding competences among citizens who wish to work in ICT ecosystem as Full Stack Developers. The programme is addressed to unemployed people, students or professionals who look for a career change. The objective of this programme is to achieve 90% of employability of the bootcamp participants in a local tech-based company. In 2020 the City of Aveiro is conducting 3 editions of this bootcamp.
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