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Aveiro Tech City is an initiative promoted by the City of Aveiro which aims to use technology as a means to improve the quality of living of local citizens and helping governance entities to collect and share relevant information about new exciting ways to manage the city in areas of mobility, education, culture and environment. Aveiro Tech City will transform the urban area in a living lab – a testbed where businesses, projects and services are developed, trialled and implemented. Aveiro Tech City proposes to learn and experiment new technology as a vehicle to build a sustainable society. A city capable to create more opportunities for those who live, work and visit Aveiro.

We don't predict the future. We invent it.
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What are companies’ expectations for the Labour Observatory?

The Labour Observatory, as part of the Aveiro STEAM City project, has, among its purposes, to develop knowledge about the future of occupations and jobs, and namely about the dynamics of supply and demand of human capital in Aveiro. The Labour (…)



CodeHero is open!

CodeHero, an Introduction to Computer Science free online learning course. This program aims to promote the development of STEAM competences and to ensure that high school seniors graduates have access to coding technical skills that will unlock (…)



Competence needs in Aveiro: the voice of Industry

The Observatory conducted interviews in order to learn about the digitization strategies of local companies and their qualification and requalification needs to support these strategies motivated by the adoption and sustainability of new technologies. (…)


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