Get to know some projects from Aveiro Tech City initiative, which support our integrated vision of a smart city. We endorse interconnection, liaison and exploitation of synergies between these projects and others.

The world we live in is constantly changing. There are new ways to communicate, to do businesses and new ways to live and interact. Aveiro is a territory of innovation where technology is not a novel reality, there is a strong legacy and competences internationally acknowledged. Knowing that we are living in the beginning of the digital era, we also know that the future of labour market will change profoundly. Create new jobs is not enough, it is also necessary to improve the socioeconomic(…)
Research, development, validation and integrated demonstration of a group of products tailored to future 5G networks, collecting and harmonizing efforts from various agents in order to create innovative solutions to the global market, exploring B2B and B2C models. These products cover all the functional domains of 5G, being reflected in project’s organisation and domains’ structure: access, core and vertical sectors (differentiated by machine to machine communication and human(…)
The CARD4ALL project is a transfer network focused on the implementation of services and technologies through a citizen card system. The development of digital tools allows to improve the relation between citizens and cities, enabling interaction and access to services, whilst services provision become more efficient and optimised. Additionally, can also be used as a tool to promote social inclusion policies, sustainable mobility and quality of living, fomenting the construction of a smart(…)
The Smart Green Homes project is a partnership between Bosch and University of Aveiro to develop domestic environment integrated solutions, using a multidisciplinary research in connectivity, renewable energies, energy efficiency, recyclable and smart materials for innovative solutions in sustainable homes with maximum comfort and security.  The project aims to develop a new generation of products and technologies to the domestic environment, improving comfort standards, security and(…)