Tech Labs

The Tech Labs project aims to develop interest and foundational skills and knowledge in STEAM competences in students and teachers from all educational levels. Teachers will assume a fundamental role in the process, as Change Agents, transferring knowledge to students by using innovative teaching methodologies.
Teachers’ support is driven by a training programme to obtain the necessary skills to deliver the project.
The objective is to promote students’ enthusiasm in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics, through the use of robotics kits, electrical equipment and 3D printers, which will consolidate critical thinking, self-learning and collaborative work.
This activity aims to promote STEAM competences not only at local Schools, but also, in other Municipal Services, namely the City’s Library and Municipal House of Citizenship.



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High School’s Tech Labs

The strategy behind the implementation of the Tech Lab Project in Higher Education in the Academic Year 2019/2020 is complete. The 4 local high schools were involved and 16 teachers were trained (4 per school). There are now more than 300 students who (…)



Tech Labs Laptops loan

The numbers are unprecedented and subsequent implications are extraordinary. As the COVID-19 pandemic has spread across the globe, worldwide countries have announced temporary shutdown of schools, with great impact on young students’ life and (…)




On February 5th, the EB 1 School of Sarrazola, in Cacia, hosted the inauguration of a technological laboratory. This inaugural moment celebrates the installation of Tech Labs in 31 schools of basic education in the Municipality of Aveiro, lead by the (…)