CodeHero is back for its second edition from 15th February until 15th april 2021.

Following the local strategy of investment in human resources’ training and retaining talent in the Region, the City of Aveiro in partnership with Academia de Código, are implementing an integrated programme, the CodeHero, an Introduction to Computer Science free online learning course. This program aims to promote the development of STEAM competences and to ensure that high school seniors graduates have access to coding technical skills that will unlock opportunities in the future.

CodeHero is an Introduction of Computational Sciences online course, allowing the development of software using JavaScript language, ideal for those who want to immerge in the coding world. Programme’s contents will teach foundation tools to pursuit a future career in ICT business. Through this course the trainees will develop logical and computational thinking that can be used in everyday academic and professional life. The program is appropriate for all beginning coders, as it uses visual representations to teach foundational mathematical and computational ideas, providing them programming fundamentals and solid bases such as values, variables, cycles, conditions, functions, strings, arrays and objects, which will be essential to learn more deeply any other programming language. Candidates do not require to have previous knowledge about the topic.

A Digital Diploma will be granted to those who complete the training.

This course is addressed to all high school students and Professional Schools students from the municipality of Aveiro. However other citizens, aged 18 or older with interest in this filed can participate.


1. CodeHero intends to:

a) Implement an active dynamic in computational literacy;

b) Capture talent in computational sciences;

c) Increase general interest in coding;

d) FTrain JavaScript coding language;

e) Create opportunities adapted to the labour market.


What is CodeHero Challenges?

CodeHero Challenges is a competition based on CodeHero programme.

CodeHero Challenges beneficiaries are:

a. High School students and Professional Schools students from the municipality of Aveiro;

b. Other citizens, aged 18 or older, based in Aveiro and with interest to participate;

Participation from professional coders and programmers will not be considered. 

CodeHero Prizes

CodeHero Challenges is a reward system for trainees with the highest score on their challenges.

a) High School and Professional School students:

     1st place - 200,00€

     Honourable mention - 100,00€

b) Non-Students (General Population):

     1st place - 200,00€

     Honourable mention - 100,00€


Please check all the information available in the “Resources” section of this webpage.




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