Aveiro STEAM City: Closure Event

-Investment of over 6 million euros prepared the city for the future; Aveiro Tech City gives continuity to the multiple projects under development -

The Aveiro City Council (CMA) will hold, on March 16, at Teatro Aveirense, the Final Event to present the results of the Aveiro STEAM City project, which had a strong investment of 6.1 million euros, co-financed by Community Funds in 4.9 million euros, under the Community Programme "Urban Innovative Action - UIA" (Urban Innovative Actions).

Led by the CMA, the initiative was developed in close institutional partnership with Altice Labs, the Institute of Telecommunications - IT, the University of Aveiro, INOVARIA and the Association for a Centre for Studies in Sustainable Development - CEDES.

Running since 2019, the Aveiro STEAM City project has promoted in the City and Municipality of Aveiro a new technological revolution, with the adoption of 5G and IoT - Internet of Things - infrastructures and technologies, thus taking the first steps in the creation of a smart city, with a knowledge-based economy.

These first steps have the due follow-up and consequence through Aveiro Tech City. Under the motto, "Technology for a better life", Aveiro Tech City will continue to explore, develop and address innovation-related issues, based on the pillars of technology, environment and a sustainable community.

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What has changed in Aveiro with "STEAM City"

The implementation of a STEAM Education strategy (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths) in all schools of the Aveiro Municipality, the development of training actions for technical staff of the companies in the Region, the creation of the first 5G Living Lab in the country, the presentation of the Urban Platform to support the Municipality's Governance or the results of the case studies in the area of Energy, Environment and Mobility, are only some examples of the work developed which will be presented at Teatro Aveirense, on the 16th.

The closing session of this project, aimed at stimulating the digital transformation of the city, attracting and retaining talent, promoting the renewal of the business fabric and the socio-economic structure of the city, will be attended by the Mayor, José Ribau Esteves, and the director of the Urban Innovative Actions programme, Tim Caulfield, among other participants who followed the various axes of the Aveiro Steam City project.

It is worth remembering that Aveiro was the first Portuguese city with a project approved in the contests of the "Urban Innovative Actions Programme".