Day and Hour : 16.03.2022, 14h00-18h00



This event aims to present the main results of the Aveiro Steam City project, co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund – ERDF, included in the “Urban Innovative Actions” programme.

The implementation of a STEAM Education strategy in all municipal public schools, the development of training programs for technical staff of the companies in the region, the creation of the first 5G Living Lab in the country, the presentation of the Urban Platform to support City Governance or the results of the case studies in the areas of Energy, Environment and Mobility, are just some examples of the work that will be presented at Teatro Aveirense.

With a total budget of 6,1M€ (4,9M€ ERDF), the project is led by the Municipality of Aveiro in partnership with Altice Labs, the Institute of Telecommunications – IT, the University of Aveiro, INOVARIA and the Association for a Centre for Studies in Sustainable Development - CEDES.

The event will also feature an exhibition area where you can find in greater detail information about all the activities implemented over the past three years.

At the closing session we will have the presence of the Mayor of Aveiro - José Ribau Esteves, as well as the Director of the Urban Innovative Actions programme - Tim Caulfield, among other guests.

We look forward to welcoming you.

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14h00 – Welcoming

14h30 – Opening

               José Ribau Esteves > Mayor Municipality of Aveiro
               Ana Abrunhosa > Minister for Territorial Cohesion, Portuguese Government

14h40 – Aveiro STEAM City

                ModerationAndré Cester Costa > Municipality of Aveiro

          I. STEAM Education

          Aveiro implemented an innovative and integrated educational strategy in all levels of education, based on the STEAM approach. This program includes the Tech Labs at schools, developed in partnership with Aveiro University or the implementation of a STEAM resources platform – UBBU.

                Daniela Sousa > Municipality of Aveiro
                Pedro Pombo > University of Aveiro
                Patrícia Lamas > Basic School of Alumieira

          II. Training

          The work developed in the scope of the Labour Observatory by the University of Aveiro and INOVARIA will be presented with special emphasis on the training programs developed to update the competences of our labour force and to increase of competitiveness of our companies.

               Marlene Amorim > University of Aveiro
               Paulo Marques > INOVARIA
               Carla Semedo > Municipality of Aveiro
               Tiago Marques > Bootcamp Cadet

          III. Tech, Services & Apps

          In the urban centre of Aveiro there is now a living lab that allows technology-based companies, startups or R&D centres to test and develop innovative products in the fields of the Internet of Things and Smart Cities, due to the investment of the Telecommunications Institute, Altice Labs and Aveiro Municipality.

               Susana Sargento > Institute of Telecommunications
               Francisco Fontes > Altice Labs
               Rita Santiago > Ubiwhere

         IV. Challenges

         The Urban platform to support City Governance developed by Altice Labs will be presented, as well as the results of three case studies in the areas of environment, mobility and energy. These are just three examples of more than 15 innovative projects that were developed and tested in Aveiro in order to improve the quality of life of our citizens and visitors.

              João Bastos > Altice Labs
              Ana Miranda > University of Aveiro
              Pedro Rito > Institute of Telecommunications
              Simão Vieira > Municipality of Aveiro


               Pedro Soutinho > CEDES
               André Cester Costa > Municipality of Aveiro


16h10 – Aveiro Tech City

           João Machado > Councillor Municipality of Aveiro

            Cooperation Agreement Signature

16h20 – Closing

           Tim Caulfield > Director Programa UIA
           João Machado > Councillor Municipality of Aveiro

17h00 – Aveiro D’Honra

17h00 – 18h00: Exhibition area where you can find in greater detail information about the project outcomes.


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