Responsible for the team/project


Project description (type of product/service to be developed)

Short explanation of potential users or customers, what problem will be answered or what opportunity will be created by the development of the project. If possible, give detailed responses with quantitative or qualitative data.

Select at least 1 and a maximum of 3 optionsSelect at least 1 and a maximum of 3 options


Clear and objective description of the current stage and the next critical steps in solution development. Participants should be aware of what type of information is transmitted in order to avoid disclosure of confidential information. In other words, we suggest not the explanation on how technology works, but rather what it does and how it meets customer needs

Indicate the costs for the operationalisation of the prototype in Aveiro (Costs with transportation, assembling, accommodation and meals, costs with the development of the specific prototype for the case study (if applicable), costs with taxes and other expenses. Please indicate the total amount below and present the Investment Table in ANNEX)

EVALUATION CRITERIA: Innovation of the Project

Clearly provide a description, in 2 or 3 sentences, of the benefits to customers and how it overcomes existing problems. We advise the answer to be as quantitative as possible, such as avoiding expressions such as “is better or faster than…”, by choosing arguments such as “allows a improvement by XX%”.

EVALUATION CRITERIA: Scalability and Commercialization Potential

Description of generic market characteristics in which the product or service is inserted and to what extent your value proposition makes the solution attractive.

Participants will be able to add documents such as business model, portfolio, prototypes or videos.Participants will be able to add documents such as business model, portfolio, prototypes or videos.


They are responsible for any claims about intellectual and industrial property rights or improper access to third party data and information.
Accept additional information required by the organization