STEAMING into the Future

STEAM education is increasingly recognised across Europe and the world as  vital to shaping a balanced, stimulating and productive learning experience. By putting art and creativity to the heart of ‘STEM’ disciplines, this is supporting people of all ages to develop interpersonal, cognitive, creative and technical competencies and skills which facilitate strong learning outcomes in both attainment and achievement. In turn, this STEAM approach is producing well-rounded, imaginative skillsets and attitudes which translate well into an employment market that increasingly requires agile, resourceful and open-minded talent capable of adapting to an increasingly complex and transdisciplinary reality. Put simply, STEAM converges the arts and humanities with the sciences, seeding the innovation of the future. STEAM also helps nurture a resilient and dynamic ecosystem of activities, reaching across disciplines, encouraging creative problem-solving and connecting otherwise disparate parts of the economy.

Cities that can pioneer STEAM activities, catapulting the arts and creativity to the heart of the education offer, are those which will lead on innovation, productivity and quality of life. Oulu, European Capital of Culture 2026, and Aveiro, candidate city to be European Capital of Culture 2027, are collaborating to establish knowledge leadership in STEAM. This online event will bring to the surface emergent models, new learning, and reflections on the future, with professionals from Aveiro, Oulu and internationally, coming together to discuss how STEAM can become the norm as we recover from the Covid-19 pandemic and undergo a dynamic re-birth as a society that embraces the future.

Moderation: Tom Fleming

Time  | Agenda

13:00 | Opening Panel

            Welcome address from Mayor of Aveiro, Jose Ribau Esteves

            Welcome address from Political Mayor of Oulu, Mirja Vehkaperä

13:15 | 1st Panel - STEAM education best and next practice - models and approaches

How have you mobilized a STEAM approach in your city? What were the main guiding principles? What do you think is distinctive about your approach? What are the main challenges for fully extending and integrating a STEAM approach over the long-term?

              André Costa, Project Manager Aveiro Tech City ,Aveiro Municipality

              Teemu Kivioja, CEO Tecinspire

              Hanne Voldborg Andersen, National coordinator at FabLab@SCHOOLdk, City of Silkeborg Denmark

              Saulo Barreto, Director of IPTI, Instituto de Pesquisas em Tecnologia e Inovação, Brasil

              Nicole Loeser, Director of the Institute for Art and Innovation, Berlin

13:50 | 2nd Panel - STEAM Educators’ Panel: Learning from Experience

4 educators discussing STEAM education in action from different levels of education (elementary, secondary and higher education).

               Pedro Pombo, Director of “Fabrica Centro Ciência Viva”, Aveiro University

               Sari Harmoinen, Dean of Education Faculty, Oulu University

               Marco Aurelio, Tech Lab Teacher from Aveiro

               Heikki Vimpari, STEAM Teacher from Oulu

14:25 | Break

14:30 | Break-out sessions Introduction by Tom Fleming

Participants are split into smaller groups (mixed according to location and interest as mentioned in registration form).

               Policy and partnership – how to build a long-term approach to STEAM education | Facilitator Tom Fleming

               Models and Practice – innovative approaches to STEAM provision | Facilitator Paula Vorne

               Cultural and creative economy – linking STEAM to longer-term economic development | Facilitator Andre Costa

               Innovation and impact – how STEAM can shape sustainable development | Facilitator Saulo Barreto

14:50 | Conclusions of the Break-Out Sessions

15:00 | Closing Session with Tom Fleming





Symposium on STEAM education involves more than 50 participants online

The online symposium "STEAMing into the future" dedicated to STEAM education (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics), promoted by the cities of Aveiro, candidate to European Capital of Culture 2027, and Oulu (Finland), European (…)




The cities of Aveiro, candidate to European Capital of Culture 2027, and Oulu (Finland), European Capital of Culture 2026, are promoting on the 16th an online symposium dedicated to STEAM education (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics), (…)




She has a long career as a municipal politician. She has worked as a Member of Parliament in the Finnish Parliament from 2007 to 2018 and in the European Parliament years 2018-2019 . Mrs Vehkaperä is currently a member of the European Committee of(…) +

Mirja Vehkaperä
Chair of the Oulu City Board

Born in Luanda, on October 21, 1966, José Agostinho Ribau Esteves graduated in Zootechnical Engineering at UTAD / Vila Real between 1985/1990, having performed functions as Commercial Director of Purina Portugal between 1991 and 1997. He served(…) +

José Agostinho Ribau Esteves
Mayor of Aveiro

Tom Fleming is a global authority on arts and cultural strategy and policy, the creative economy and creative cities. Based in London and Porto and with associates in every global region, Tom has developed a portfolio of research and development(…) +

Tom Fleming
Creative consultancy

Hanne Voldborg Andersen is National Coordinator for FabLab@SCHOOLdk. She leads the FabLab@SCHOOLdk education program and serves as a manager for the FabLab@SCHOOLdk network and knowledge center. She has a comprehensive experience from her background as(…) +

Hanne Voldborg Andersen
National Coordinator for FabLab@SCHOOLdk

Innovative development director with strong business mindset.    Proven results of transforming customer needs to products and technical features to customer benefits. 22 years of experience in product development including 19 years in(…) +

Teemu Kivioja
CEO of Tecinspire

André Cester Costa is a civil servant at the City of Aveiro since 2004. He was initially responsible for the financial management of all Structural Funds projects and since 2013 he is the Head Office for Economic Development and Entrepreneurship(…) +

André Cester Costa
Economic Development and Entrepreneurship Division

Born in Sergipe (Brazil), visionary, creative, anarchist, apatheist and elitist, ideas engineer with a Phd in analysis and solutions of complex structural problems. He is one of the founders of IPTI (, a social organization headquartered(…) +

Saulo Barreto
Director of IPTI

Nicole Loeser, director of Institute for Art and Innovation, is a serial entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in cross-sectoral collaboration with institutions and corporations worldwide. Her work is grounded in her interest in artistic and(…) +

Nicole Loeser
Director of Institute for Art and Innovation

Adjunct professor in STEAM education and education dean in University of Oulu. Experienced University Lecturer with a demonstrated history of working in the research and education. Skilled in Lecturing, Educational Technology, Science, Curriculum(…) +

Sari Harmoinen
Dean of Education Faculty, Oulu University

Pedro is Director of Fábrica Ciência Viva Science Centre since 2009. He is a teacher at Physics Department of University of Aveiro and he is an expert on Holography and Science Communication. In the field of science communication he(…) +

Pedro Pombo
Director of Fábrica Ciência Viva Science Centre

Marco Aurélio Neves, currently a primary school teacher in Aveiro as well as a creator and implementer of sporting events. Graduated in teaching with 19 years of experience with children and as an adult trainer. During his career, the following(…) +

Marco Aurélio Neves
Primary school teacher Aveiro

36 years old Science teacher (Master of Science) from Oulu, Ylikiiminki School. I also work one day a week as a STEAM tutoring teacher for the City of Oulu. Very keen to allkind of technology and interested in teaching these skills to students. As a(…) +

Heikki Vimpari
Science teacher from Oulu