STEAM Artistic Residences

SCHOOL YEAR 2022/2023

The application process for an Artist or an Entity of the Creative and Cultural Sector to submit a proposal to join the "STEAM Artistic Residencies" Initiative, which will take place during the academic year 2022/2023, in collaboration and cooperation with the Finnish city of Oulu (European Capital of Culture 2026), is open until next September 19th.

The STEAM Artistic Residences aim to promote, in the Educational Community of the Municipality of Aveiro, specifically in the Intermediate Schools, the development of artistic content using the STEAM methodology, involving artists, teachers and students in the same project. Simultaneously, in a collaborative and concerted way, another European city will undergo the same process, providing all those involved with the experience of the same creative process.

This project is part of the Aveiro Tech City initiative, in particular its STEAM Education strategy, which aims to continue the work developed and to provide the Educational Community with knowledge and integrated mastery of the STEAM areas (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics). It is also intended to emphasise the importance of exploring the "A" of ARTS in this process, advancing artistic and creative leadership contents, maintaining the holistic concept of the integrated use of the remaining areas. This action also presents itself as a very important part of Aveiro’ s application for the European Capital of Culture (ECoC) in 2027.



STEAM Artistic Residences is addressed to all entities in the cultural and creative sector, headquartered in one of the 11 municipalities in the Region of Aveiro (Cultural and Recreational Associations, Micro and Small Enterprises and Sole Proprietorships), which develop or intend to develop artistic activity using the STEAM methodology. Have knowledge in Portuguese and English



This initiative will be implemented according to the following timeline:

a) Until September 19th, 2022 | Application for the Cultural and Creative Sector Entity

b) Until September 24th, 2022 | Selection of the Cultural and Creative Sector Entity

c) Until October 28th, 2022| Preparatory meetings for the start of the initiative

d) October 2022 to May 2023| Project implementation with all the agents involved, entity from the cultural and creative sector, teachers and students, in articulation with another European city, includes travel, periodic contacts and sharing of experiences;

e) May and June 2023 | Presentation of final results and exchange with Oulu.



The participation prize for the cultural and creative sector entity is awarded in the amount of €4,000 (four thousand euros);


Application submission and deadlines

Applications for STEAM Artistic Residences must be submitted until 23:59 of 19th of September 2022, to the email address, containing the Application Dossier.

The application does not dispense with consulting the Rules for Participation to find out in detail all the application requirements and information about this activity.


Application Dossier

The Application Dossier must be submitted in digital format, in English, with no more than 10 pages and must contain the following:

a)  Bio or CV, with name, telephone number, address, email and Tax Identification number;

b)  Citizen Card, Passport or any other form of date of birth evidence;

c)  Motivation letter (500 words) containing:
(1) importance of participation in the initiative in their personal and professional development process;
(2) project and ideas which the candidate would like to develop;
(3) referencing, when applicable, other projects in which they are involved; (4) links for visualization platforms of candidate's webiste, videos or images in web platforms or networks.

d)  Project presentation;

e)  Portfolio;

f)  Declaration to authorize the use and dissemination of images and information of projects, contents and work process created within the scope of this initiative, for communication purposes of the Aveiro Tech City.

g)  Declaration in which the candidate commits to follow the entire process, in accordance with what is described in the Participation Rules.



Applications until 19th September!

Applications for the "STEAM Artistic Residencies" are open until 19 September 2022. This programme, carried out within the scope of the Aveiro Tech City initiative, will take place during the academic year 2022/2023 and is aimed at artists and (…)