Music Tech Fest (MTF) is a growing global community of over 7000 brilliant minds. These innovators come from a wide range of backgrounds, disciplines and skillsets. Many are academics; others are industry experts, scientists, professional artists, producers, curators, business executives, media professionals and more. They come from fields as diverse as medicine, agriculture, automotive, aviation, product design, social sciences, robotics and AI, music composition and performance, arts management, microcomputing, business incubation, traditional crafts, neuroscience, ecology and economics. These diverse practitioners use music as a social glue.

At the heart of the MTF ecosystem is #MTFLabs - a five-day innovation prototyping event that brings together a selected group of experts from the global MTF community, working together with a local group of participants with a wide range of technologies. Participants are invited to create hybrid technologies that bring together ideas and tools from different concepts, creating new projects, new aesthetic approaches and forge collaborations. The activities culminate with a showcase of the newly created works and a live experience for invited audience, with the participation of the experts and local participants.

As in the 2020 edition, #MTFLabs Aveiro 2021 will start with a series of inspiring lectures from avant-garde international guests in their respective areas. Then, the ideas are put into practice during the laboratories, through working groups formed by experts and local participants. During #MTFLabs, the invited experts work closely with the participants, enhancing a quick transfer of knowledge and allowing for a fast learning curve. In this approach, technologies provided by Music Tech Fest partners and sponsors are used in hybrid innovations, enabling the creation of entirely new market niches.

#MTFLabs focuses on topics ranging from robotics and Artificial Intelligence to Blockchain, vocal technology, transhumanism, neuroscience, and new formats of music and artistic expression. The 2021 edition will feature excellent national and international experts.

See the best moments of MTF Labs Aveiro 2020 edition.


  • 06th August 2021: Official presentation of the initiative at Aveiro Tech City Website (;
  • 5th August to 19th September 2021: Applications period;
  • 20th September to 26th September 2021: Extended application period, if necessary; 
  • 30th September: Selection Announcement (up to 15 participants);
  • 11th October to 16th October 2021: MTF Labs Aveiro Edition;
  • 16th October: MTF Labs Aveiro Edition Showcase.


Recommendation of participant prole / target groups

MTF Labs are fully inclusive and combine expertise from the widest range of occupations, cultural, social and educational backgrounds.

Common qualities of MTF Labs include:

  • An affinity towards music, creativity and the arts;
  • An open mind;
  • An ambition to solve societal challenges.


We strongly recommend a careful reading of the supporting documents, including Participtation Rules, prior to any submission.