Escola Ciência Viva

Escola Ciência Viva is an educational project delivered by the University of Aveiro, by the Ciência Viva and by the City of Aveiro, based in Fábrica Centro Ciência Viva, fully dedicated to STEAM education. This initiative applies the resources from the Modern Science Museology to the educational programme of the primary schools, combining an educational programme with hands-on work and experimental education in science outreach in an educational environment.

Escola Ciência Viva intends to create a learning network capable of covering the diversity of the school population in the city of Aveiro, involving all Aveiro School Groups, in order to enable the exchange of experience and knowledge, and the opening of new perspectives of productive collaboration for teachers and students.

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833593.svg Implementation period: from the 2019 / 2020 school year

school.png Schools: 1 (Total of schools in the Municipality of Aveiro)

study.svg Engaged students: 750 per year

Class.svg Engaged teachers: 45 per year