Final Event “Uma Ideia, um Projeto, uma Ação”

The Municipality of Aveiro, held on May 20 and 21, the Final Event of the Contest "An Idea, a Project, an Action", related to editions of 2019/2020 and 2020/2021. The contest is part of the Educational Action Program of the Municipality of Aveiro (PAEMA) and is co-financed by Centro 2020 under the Integrated and Innovative Plan to Combat School Failure (PIICIE) of Aveiro Region / "Educ@RA", promoted by the Intermunicipal Community of Aveiro Region (CIRA).

This initiative aims to instill in children and young people of the Basic Education Establishments of the Municipality of Aveiro, a culture of participation, initiative and responsibility through support for the development of projects in the educational community, focusing this support on the training of teachers, considering them as agents of change, and the allocation of monetary funds for the implementation of projects.


The Final Events were attended by all the projects funded by the Municipality:

May 20, 2019/2020 Edition:

  • Sensory Garden - Barrocas Primary School;
  • Snack without Plastic is Fantastic - Santiago Primary School;
  • Growing by Exploring - João Afonso Primary School;
  • Greenhouse - A Plantar Aveiro and On Stage - from Stage to Life - Cacia Intermediate School;
  • Literary Footprint - Make Yours! – Azurva Primary School;
  • D'Eixo o Plástico - Balsinhas and Descobrir Sentidos - Eixo Intermediate School;
  • Biblioteca Atelier Primary School and High School Dr. Jaime Magalhães Lima;
  • Mini Chefes e Aconchego – Areais Primary School;
  • (Re)Temperar com Saúde – Presa Primary School;
  • Laboratório de Plantas - São Bernardo Primary School;
  • Eco(m)Lazer - Aradas Primary School;
  • Remodelar, Fazer e Aprender - Mamodeiro Primary School;
  • The Studio - Castro Matoso School.


The 2019/2020 edition have supported financially 16 projects and involved 13 schools, 2023 students and 137 teachers.





May 21, 2020/2021 Edition:

Open Air - Santiago Primary School;

Hidden Senses Less in the Ears - Glória Primary School;

Sport is Life - São Jacinto Primary School;

Literary Footprint - Azurva Primary School;

Classroom of the Future and Feeling the Body - Eixo Intermediate School;

Hands on the Earth - Dr. Mário Sacramento School;

Eco(n)Viver - Aradas Intermediate School; 

Studio Library - Dr. Jaime Magalhães Lima School;

Mediation - Além Muros (Beyond Walls) - Taboeira Primary School;

Toys Workshop and Games Board - Quintã do Loureiro Primary School;

"Let's do Science" and "Greenhouse" - Cacia Intermediate School;

Knowing with Taste - Mamodeiro Primary School;

The Studio 2.0 - Castro Matoso School;

Outdoor Space - São Bernardo EB2;

Playing in the Playground - São Bernardo Primary School, Sound Laboratory - São Bernardo Intermediate School.

The 2020/2021 edition have supported financially 19 projects and counted with the involvement of 16 schools, 3087 students and 160 teachers.





The Contest "An Idea, a Project, an Action" counts with 5 editions and is a success story, since it involves the entire educational community every year and also promotes good practices in all teachers and students who are part of the process.

The numbers: