The 2nd Edition of CODEHERO is back, from February 15th to April 15th, 2021.

Within the scope of the Aveiro Steam City project, the online course of Introduction to Computer Sciences will be once again available for free to students of High School and Professional Education and other residents in Aveiro. This initiative aims to promote the STEAM skills and computational literacy, preparing our youth with the necessary skills for the future of the labor market, increasing the chances of success along their path.

CodeHero allows the development of logical and computational thinking that can be used in everyday academic and professional life. It provides programming foundations, such as values, variables, cycles, conditions, functions, treatment of strings, arrays and objects, which will be essential to learn more deeply any other programming language.

At the end of the course, a Digital Certificate will be awarded to those who complete the training.




1. CodeHero is an initiative that aims to:

a) Implement an active dynamic in Computational literacy;

b) Capture talent in the area of Computational Sciences;

c) Promote interest in Programming;

d) Training for mastering JavaScript programming language;

e) Create skills that are appropriate to the new requirements of the labour market.


Access to training is free and available to all interested parties, with no previous programming experience necessary, and has an average time of training completion of 1 month. All content will be available in English to students in the form of challenges and levels that must be overcome and completed.


What is CodeHero Challenges?
The CodeHero Challenges is a contest based on the CodeHero online Course.


CodeHero Challenges’s target groups:

a. Students of High School and Professional Education based in the municipality of Aveiro;
B. Other citizens, over 18, living in Aveiro and interested to participate;

The participation of professionals in the programming area will not be considered.


CodeHero Challenges Awards:
a) Students of High School and Professional Education:

      1st Place - 200,00 €

      2nd Place - Honourable mention - € 100.00

b) General Population

      1st Place - 200,00 €

      2nd Place - Honourable mention - € 100.00