2nd edition with more than fifty participations

Between February 15 and April 15, the second edition of "CodeHero" took place with the participation of 65 participants, 41 from the Aveiro Council and 24 from other Councils from the north to the south of the country.

Nationwide, CodeHero is a free, open-access, online Introduction to Computer Science course that aims to promote STEAM skills and develop logical and computational thinking that can be used in everyday academic and professional life. This course also provides solid programming fundamentals and foundations such as values, variables, cycles, conditions, functions, string handling, arrays and objects, essential for deeper learning of any programming language.

As an incentive, the Municipality of Aveiro launched CodeHero Challenges, a contest based on the challenges of the CodeHero Course. This contest, aimed specifically at high school students or similar, and citizens interested in the theme, from the municipality of Aveiro, had the participation of 31 users. With a prize of 200€, the big winner in the " High School and Professional School students " category was Henrique da Rocha Rodrigues and João Nuno da Silva Luís received an Honorable Mention, also in this category, worth 100€.

In the "Non-Students (General Population)" category, the big winner was Lucian Orlanda Ferreira Nunez, with a prize of 200€, and the Honorable Mention went to Dária Manskaia Gonçalves, with a prize of 100€.

According to the rules of participation of this programme, we also announce the remaining 6 classified:

- Diogo Tomás Valente Fernandes;

- Miguel Osório;

- Álvaro Afreixo;

- Teresa Sofia Henriques Ferreira da Rocha;

- Sandra Maria Coelho Rodrigues;

- Adriana Carvalho de Ildefonso Botelho.


The Aveiro STEAM City project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund - ERDF, through the Urban Innovative Actions program. Its overall investment is 6,115,915€ with ERDF support of 4,892,732€.