Urban Platform & HUB

The urban platform will enable the data’s processing and analysis and crossing information from various sources, providing analytical and predictive services for IoT applications and vertical applications for the city.

The urban platform is composed of an integration, aggregation and processing component of data from various information sources, such as:

• Electrical energy consumption

• Statistics and performance of the experimental communications network

• Garbage collection

• Environmental sensors

• Vehicular units

• Mobility

• Municipal activity and performance according to ISO 37120 standard

• Gas and water consumption


The data integration component also has the ability to manage APIs, allowing the creation of APIs for dissemination of specific information datasets according to the needs of each project or experimental activity.

The urban platform also includes a data visualization and exploration component, designated as a city governance centre. This component provides access to various sources of information, in tabular, graphic and geographic format, allowing an analysis and correlation of data. Access to this data access interface can be made available for experimental projects in the territory.


Experimentation space (HUB)


Aveiro Tech City Living Lab has in Edifício Atlas Aveiro a multifunctional space for experimentation on territory data, as well as on the dynamism of Aveiro Municipality, showing an evolution of social, economic and industrial development, the employment generated, and the innovative and exporting character of Aveiro companies. Besides the access and exploration of data in the various equipment available, an auditorium is available which will have an annual activity plan, with the direct involvement of different publics. Subject to previous analysis and validation, this auditorium may be used by companies wishing to present the work developed in Aveiro Tech City Living Lab.