The Smart Green Homes project is a partnership between Bosch and University of Aveiro to develop domestic environment integrated solutions, using a multidisciplinary research in connectivity, renewable energies, energy efficiency, recyclable and smart materials for innovative solutions in sustainable homes with maximum comfort and security. 

The project aims to develop a new generation of products and technologies to the domestic environment, improving comfort standards, security and usage satisfaction to a new level, and at the same time, answer to sustainability problems of the planet, enhancing energy efficiency and reducing the emission of polluting gases and water consumption in our products.


The major objective of this project is to develop concepts, new products and services and subsequent creation of prototypes to implement, operate and test new systems, especially water heating elements and air housing and elements of connectivity and control which will build up the portfolio with intelligent solutions of heating and air conditioning to comfortable and sustainable houses. To achieve these goal, this project is structured in 6 development areas of products and services:

- Heating pumps and system of air conditioning and treatment;

- Gas-fired heating system;

- Electrical heating system;

- Water treatment;

- Interface and communication solutions for comfort equipment;

- Integrated control solutions for residential systems.

Project Partners