The world we live in is constantly changing. There are new ways to communicate, to do businesses and new ways to live and interact. Aveiro is a territory of innovation where technology is not a novel reality, there is a strong legacy and competences internationally acknowledged.

Knowing that we are living in the beginning of the digital era, we also know that the future of labour market will change profoundly. Create new jobs is not enough, it is also necessary to improve the socioeconomic value and wealth produced by new jobs.  Project Aveiro STEAM City will contribute to the preparation of the near future, the first step to create an intelligent city, based in knowledge. To do so, Aveiro STEAM City will retrain human resources with the required competences to the digital world – STEAM competences (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics) will stimulate the digital transformation within the city, attract and retain talent, promote the renovation of companies’ network and the socioeconomic structure of the city.


Project Aveiro STEAM City, funded by ERDF within the European Programme Urban Innovative Actions, has the following objectives:

- Educate and qualify resources on STEAM competences (Science, Technology, engineering, Arts and Mathematics);
- Stimulate the digital transformation within the city, municipality and companies;
- Attract and retain talent and make our local economy more competitive nationally and internationally;
- Develop an Urban Platform, collecting data to support city’s management;
- Develop and implement use cases in areas of environment, energy and mobility.


To achieve these objectives, Aveiro STEAM City is organized in 4 implementation axis: Education | Training | Technology, Services and Apps | Challenges, with a wide catalogue of activities, such as: Tech Labs in schools, a responsive Labour Observatory, urban data platform and a testbed with fibre infrastructure, sensors and 5G connectivity. The project also includes the implementation of a coding bootcamp, challenges to startups, scaleups and R&D centres and artistic residencies in digital art.

Follow the latest news of this project in Aveiro Tech City website.

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