PRISMA / ART LIGHT TECH  festival in Aveiro[Portugal] invites artists, designers, light artists and lighting professionals as well as students and institutions to submit their proposals for the 2021 edition which will take place on 15 – 16 October 2021.

PRISMA festival was established in 2019 and is organized by Teatro Aveirense and the Aveiro City Council. It takes light as its raw material, creating a script of artistic works in the public space. The festival combines several works of contemporary art, including projections, installations and shows of sound and light, presented in various spaces in the city, inviting everyone to the exploration and (re) discovery of the city through a new light. The festival also makes an important contribution to the growth of the creative industries in Aveiro, with actions that promote cooperation between creatives, students, artists and companies. It also wants to make a contribution to good environmental management, drawing attention to energy efficiency and inviting the use of soft modes of mobility.

The main theme of PRISMA 2021 is “BALANCE“. The pandemic showed us how fragile our world is, how difficult it is to sacrifice and substitute ordinary things that we are used to have, how much we all struggle to find the inner balance of our lives. PRISMA 2021 is not different and seeks its own BALANCE in the hope of creating a smart and peaceful momentum.

PRISMA is purely OUTDOOR festival lasting 2 days [Friday and Saturday 8pm – 12pm + public rehearsal on Thursday]. Windy climate in this region needs to be taken into consideration for the proposals.

Locations for PRISMA festival usually cover these areas of the city: Beira Mar, Praça da República, Praça Marquês de Pombal, Parque Infante Dom Pedro, Parque de Santo António, Aveiro Central Water Chanel and sometimes it can reach the Aveiro Train Station.
Proposals on these kind of artworks will be assessed:
- outdoor illuminating object, video projection or any other light source that illuminates an existing building or space
- outdoor interactive installations engaging the audience
- outdoor illuminating statues, gadgetsor similar artworks

Proposals on these kind of artworks will not be assessed:
- large scale videomapping projects [within PRISMA we organize a sub-project School of Videomapping where open call for students will be published under the banner of capacity building and work with local talents]
- life performances [limits due to pandemic]
Deadline for proposals: 14 May 2021
Requirements for application
One composite pdf
- Max. 15 MB total
- Max 6 pages
- Languages: English
Theme description of the work (max 0,5 page) - Description of the work should include artistic considerations, what is the work about? Why is it relevant? How it works and how it should be perceived by the audience? Was the artwork already showcased at some other event?
Technical description of the work (max 1,5page) - Specific description of appearance and technical specifications: dimensions, weight, requirements on electricity.  Description of location if the work is site-specific (possibly location on map) or in which environment the work is intended to be in. Anything other relevant for the logistics [home address of the artwork etc].
Visualization (max 2 pages) - Visualization of the work: images, video, animation, sketching or other visualization + dimension drawing (size of the work).
About the Artist / Art Group (max 1 page) - Description of artist / art group: Portfolio / reference / CV. 
Budget (max 1 page) - The budget must clearly state whether it is with VAT or without VAT. All costs for which funding is sought must be included in the budget. Both artistic fee and technical part [at least estimation] needs to be described.
* Applications that do not comply with the above requirements will not be considered
* if your work is realized, a cooperation agreement will be drawn up, which will mutually guarantee the rights of the parties
Complete proposals based on requirements above shall be submitted via email not later than 14 May 2021.