What are companies’ expectations for the Labour Observatory?

The Labour Observatory, as part of the Aveiro STEAM City project, has, among its purposes, to develop knowledge about the future of occupations and jobs, and namely about the dynamics of supply and demand of human capital in Aveiro. The Labour (…)



Competence needs in Aveiro: the voice of Industry

The Observatory conducted interviews in order to learn about the digitization strategies of local companies and their qualification and requalification needs to support these strategies motivated by the adoption and sustainability of new technologies. (…)



News from the Labour Observatory!

The Aveiro Labour Observatory has been conducting a series of research activities that involve gathering information in close collaboration with local actors and the most representative companies of the region in the sectors of ITCE, Industry and (…)



Skill needs in Aveiro: the voice of ITCE companies

During the months of April, May and June, the Labour Observatory research team inter-viewed representative companies from Aveiro in order to get to know their vision about their digitalization strategies. Inter-views also addressed their (…)



Human capital leveraging digital transformation

Digitalisation is more than a technological change that companies are undergoing. It brings a paradigm shift in the way organizations manage and create value from information, and involves profound changes in processes.  As such, understanding the (…)



Nos próximos dias… novidades do Observatório do emprego…

O inquérito online sobre as competências e o futuro do trabalho já está disponível na página do Observatório do Emprego e é está acessível a partir do link:   Este (…)



Qual foi o impacto da pandemia na região de Aveiro? – A voz às empresas

A medida que os vários países entraram em confinamento, as pessoas foram forçadas a manter o distanciamento social e trabalhar em casa, as empresas em todas as economias começaram a sentir o impacto da pandemia. Assim, as (…)



A aceleração da digitalização da economia

A situação atual mundial, como resultado do novo vírus Covid-19, levou-nos a repensar como será a sociedade no futuro, sobretudo o futuro dos modelos e dos contextos de trabalho. As transformações na vida (…)



Measuring Competence for the Digital Future in the ITCE Sector in Aveiro

The Digital transformation is not just about implementing new technologies. Digital tools are one of the edges of this transformation that must be accompanied by a digital mentality of the people who use these technologies on a daily basis. When we talk (…)


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