The Tech Labs project aims to develop interest and foundational skills and knowledge in STEAM competences in students and teachers from all educational levels. Teachers will assume a fundamental role in the process, as Change Agents, transferring knowledge to students by using innovative teaching methodologies. Teachers’ support is driven by a training programme to obtain the necessary skills to deliver the project. The objective is to promote students’ enthusiasm in Science,(…)
Aveiro Labour Observatory is an innovative initiative developed under the scope of the project Aveiro STEAM City. The Observatory aims to contribute to the development of skills and to the retention of human talent in Aveiro, identifying training needs and developing training programs to meet the challenges of the business environment in Aveiro. Motivated by the digital transformation that characterizes the current contexts of life and work, the Labour Observatory conducts multiple(…)
A Week dedicated to technology and culture with two events: TechDays Aveiro and Prisma/ Art Light Tech. From October 02nd to 08th, Aveiro Tech Week takes place in Aveiro, composed of the events TECHDAYS Aveiro and PRISMA / Art Light Tech, combining technology, art and culture through exhibitions, artistic installations, performances, conferences, laboratories and other experiences. One week with the stamp of the Aveiro Tech City initiative. During seven days of October in the city of(…)