SUBMIT YOUR PROPOSALS WE ARE WAITING FOR YOU The Participatory Budget with Direct Action (OPAD) of the City of Aveiro (CMA) will finance projects submitted by local citizens, who will have the opportunity to actively participate in the implementation of their idea.   What is the OPAD? The Participatory Budget with Direct Action is an initiative of the CMA that aims to deepen the collection of contributions from institutions and citizens, in the discussion and preparation of the(…)
O Aveiro Tech City Open Day, promovido pela Câmara Municipal de Aveiro, consiste na promoção de visitas da comunidade académica às empresas de relevante importância para o desenvolvimento económico da região de Aveiro e, de seguida, na realização de um evento de Brokerage entre representantes das empresas visitadas, representantes de Centros de Investigação, alunos, empreendedores e público em geral, sendo(…)
Aveiro Tech City Bootcamp aims to promote coding competences among citizens who wish to work in ICT ecosystem as Full Stack Developers. The programme is addressed to unemployed people, students or professionals who look for a career change. The objective of this programme is to achieve 90% of employability of the bootcamp participants in a local tech-based company. In 2020 the City of Aveiro is conducting 3 editions of this bootcamp.
Mobility Use Case is promoted by the City of Aveiro in partnership with Associação Académica da Universidade de Aveiro representing Núcleo da Bicicleta da AAUAv, and the associations CICLAVEIRO an CICLOEIXO. This initiative will leverage the use of bicycle and promote safety among bike users with a technological component.