Music Tech Fest (MTF) is a growing global community of over 7000 brilliant minds. These innovators come from a wide range of backgrounds, disciplines and skillsets. Many are academics; others are industry experts, scientists, professional artists, producers, curators, business executives, media professionals and more. They come from fields as diverse as medicine, agriculture, automotive, aviation, product design, social sciences, robotics and AI, music composition and performance, arts(…)
“Techdays - Building our Future” consists of an initiative to attract, trial and implement innovative projects of products and services through Aveiro Tech City Living Lab, the only laboratory in Portugal with an operational 5G network in the urban centre of the city, to support and boost innovative projects in the areas of Smart Cities, Internet of Things, Mobility, Environment, Sustainability, Energy, Waste, Tourism, Industry. “Techdays - Building our Future” aims to(…)
The Aveiro Tech City Living Lab (ATCLL) is composed of an advanced communications infrastructure and an urban platform for data management and innovative analytics that, together, provide an open and large-scale technology laboratory in the city at the service of researchers, digital industries, start-ups, scaleups, R&D centres, entrepreneurs and other stakeholders interested in developing, testing or demonstrating concepts, products or services. The access infrastructure is supported on(…)
In partnership with Altice Labs, Telecomunications Institute and the University of Aveiro, the city of Aveiro offers a Living Lab that includes, among other features, an experimental 5G network, assuming itself as one of the few 5G trial Cities in Europe. Aveiro 5G Challenges will award new solutions and products using 5G technology. In Aveiro testbed, startups, scaleups and R&D centres will be able to develop and work innovative solutions, with technical support and mentoring(…)