Programas Piloto de Formação

The mission of the Aveiro Labour Observatory is to offer a prospective vision of the qualification needs, providing, for that purpose, relevant information, in a systematic way, to citizens and companies, to education/training institutions and other stakeholders, on the skills that the labour market requires for the desired digital transformation.

To meet the challenge, diagnostic actions have been taking place since 2019, in order to identify qualification needs and establish priorities, and now the time has come to move forward to pilot training programmes that allow testing responses to the priorities identified. 

In the scope of the partnership that INOVA-RIA holds in the project, the following training programmes will soon start, whose registrations are currently underway.


Industry Sector

Programme 1 - Fundamentals of Industry 4.0


Programme 3 - Technologies and Methodologies 4.0


TICE Sector

Program 4 - Data science

Program 5 - Agile & Scrum: Advanced Project Management


Tourism sector

Programme 6 - Fundamentals of digitalization of services and processes

Programme 7 - Content marketing for business

Programme 8 - General Notions of Social Media and Presence Management


Training entity for the programmes: UNAVE

More information and Registrations at:

Pilot Programmes Target Public: professionals working in Aveiro.

Maximum number of trainees per course: 20



- the trainees must fill in the application form that can be found here.

- If you meet the criteria of seriation you will be informed to proceed to the formal enrolment in the course;

- due to the pandemic contingencies the number of places to attend the course in person is limited, for the remaining places there is the possibility of attending the course in Live Training modality (video conference).


Consult the information leaflet here.