Warning: Applications are being accepted for the CodeHero from 18th May. Following the local strategy of investment in human resources’ training and retaining talent in the Region, the City of Aveiro in partnership with Academia de Código, are implementing an integrated programme, the CodeHero, an Introduction to Computer Science free online learning course. This program aims to promote the development of STEAM competences and to ensure that high school seniors graduates have(…)
Aveiro Tech City Bootcamp aims to promote coding competences among citizens who wish to work in ICT ecosystem as Full Stack Developers. The programme is addressed to unemployed people, students or professionals who look for a career change. The objective of this programme is to achieve 90% of employability of the bootcamp participants in a local tech-based company. In 2020 the City of Aveiro is conducting 3 editions of this bootcamp. The applications for the 1st edition started on the 10th(…)
Aveiro Criatech Residences programme aims to promote the development of STEAM competences in a collaborative idealization context, with the participation of professionals and students from various creative areas. Through the transfer of experiences and knowledge, and the execution of multidisciplinary activities, we aim to promote a learning culture, thinking, experimentation, exploration and innovation production. Application deadline extended until 7th february 2020.
Mobility Use Case is promoted by the City of Aveiro in partnership with Associação Académica da Universidade de Aveiro representing Núcleo da Bicicleta da AAUAv, and the associations CICLAVEIRO an CICLOEIXO. This initiative will leverage the use of bicycle and promote safety among bike users with a technological component.
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