Venue: TEATRO AVEIRENSE Day and Hour : 16.03.2022, 14h00-18h00  
The initiative Aveiro Tech City has one of its main goals to assume the city of Aveiro as a living laboratory, promoting the use of the Aveiro Tech City Living Lab - only laboratory in Portugal with an operational 5G network in the urban center of a City - to support and promote innovative projects in the fields of ​​Smart Cities, Internet of Things, Mobility, Environment, Sustainability, Energy, Waste, Tourism, Industry 4.0, Health and Defense. It is also intended to attract to Aveiro the(…)
STEAM education is increasingly recognised across Europe and the world as  vital to shaping a balanced, stimulating and productive learning experience. By putting art and creativity to the heart of ‘STEM’ disciplines, this is supporting people of all ages to develop interpersonal, cognitive, creative and technical competencies and skills which facilitate strong learning outcomes in both attainment and achievement. In turn, this STEAM approach is producing well-rounded,(…)
SCHOOL YEAR 2023/2024 The application process for an Artist or an Entity of the Creative and Cultural Sector to submit a proposal to join the "STEAM Artistic Residencies" Initiative, which will take place during the academic year 2023/2024, in collaboration and cooperation with the Finnish city of Oulu (European Capital of Culture 2026), is open until next October 06th. The STEAM Artistic Residences aim to promote, in the Educational Community of the Municipality of Aveiro,(…)