Innovation Contest Techdays – Building our future

“Techdays - Building our Future” consists of an initiative to attract, trial and implement innovative projects of products and services through Aveiro Tech City Living Lab, the only laboratory in Portugal with an operational 5G network in the urban centre of the city, to support and boost innovative projects in the areas of Smart Cities, Internet of Things, Mobility, Environment, Sustainability, Energy, Waste, Tourism, Industry.

“Techdays - Building our Future” aims to attract to Aveiro, the most innovative and disruptive projects, developed by companies, R&D centres or higher education institutions, which allow us to have a vision of what the cities of the future will be.

All those who visit us during 11-17 October will have the opportunity to get to know or experience some R&D projects that will help us understand the process and management of smart cities in the near future. At Aveiro Tech City Living Lab, companies or R&D centres will be able to test and present their innovative products, in a real environment, to the general population, with an approach that is both educational and commercial. 




R&D Institutions

Higher Education Institutions



“Techdays - Building our Future” will be implemented with the following timeline:

  • 5th July to 17th September 2021: Application submission period.
  • Until 17th September 2021: Technical or other clarifications period.
  • Until 24th September 2021: Announcement of selected projects.
  • 11th to 17th October 2021: Demodays @ Techdays 2021. 


Application submission and deadlines

  1. Each application must respect the requisites stated in Article 8ª and must be submitted until 11h59pm by the 17th September of 2021 (GMT time), using the application form available in the section resources from this page.
  2. Each organisation can submit up to three applications, however, each entity can only have one winning project.
  3. During the application submission period, Aveiro Tech City organisation will share a permanent contact for clarifications or technical questions. In parallel, in programme’s website, a technical document will be available listing the characteristics infrastructure and public spaces available.

Please consult the document Participation Rules for application requirements and information about this activity.





The innovation contest "Techdays - Building our Future" extended to September 17 the deadline for applications. Within  the initiative "Aveiro Tech City", this contest aims to find and support innovative and disruptive ideas that (…)