Applications until 19th September!

Applications for the "STEAM Artistic Residencies" are open until 19 September 2022. This programme, carried out within the scope of the Aveiro Tech City initiative, will take place during the academic year 2022/2023 and is aimed at artists and entities in the creative and/or cultural sector.

The "STEAM Artistic Residencies" aim to link the creative and cultural sector to the work developed by Aveiro City Hall in its STEAM Education strategy, promoting the development of artistic contents using the STEAM methodology, involving artists, teachers and students in the same creative project.

Just like Aveiro, candidate to become European Capital of Culture in 2027, the Finnish city of Oulu - European Capital of Culture in 2026 - will develop the same creative process in a concerted and cooperative way. This action arises in a context of European collaboration, in a first phase with the city of Oulu, with the aim of setting up in the near future a network of European cities for sharing knowledge and experiences in the field of STEAM Education.

Artists, cultural and recreational entities and even micro and small enterprises may apply for the "STEAM Artistic Residencies", provided that they have in common the single requirement of having already developed work in the artistic and creative area and that they develop or intend to develop artistic activity using the STEAM methodology. Applications must be made in digital format, through the email

With this programme, the Aveiro City Council, through the Aveiro Tech City initiative, also intends to emphasize the importance of exploring the "A" of ARTS in this process, advancing with artistic and creative leadership contents, keeping the holistic concept of the integrated use of the remaining areas.

After the application phase, the selected entity will be announced by 30 September. Between October 2022 and May 2023, the implementation of the project with all those involved will follow, in close articulation with the European city Oulu, including trips, periodic contacts and sharing of experiences. The presentation of the final results and the exchange will take place between May and June 2023.

All the information for application HERE.