OPAD 2021 Offical Launch

In 2020, its first edition, OPAD achieved a positive outcome with a total of 17 applications, including the final seven winning proposals, selected trough citizens' vote, representing global investment of € 131,887.11 by the City of Aveiro.

OPAD enhances the participation of the population, allowing citizens to directly lead the implementation of a value-added initiative for the community.

In the new edition, OPAD 2021, the programme will receive additional support from the Social and Economic Activities 2021 / Anti Covid-19 Operation Programmes, setting the overall budget of € 150.000,00. The proposals will have a financial support from the City of 90% of the total costs of the project up to a maximum limit of € 30.000,00 per project, whilst the outstanding budget being financed by the applicant, whether via direct work on the project, sponsorship or patronage.

Taking into account the variation of the demographic characteristics between different areas of the city, the participation rules includes different levels of coefficients, in order to guarantee equal opportunities and representativeness between areas with smaller and larger populations. For example, while for proposals based in Esgueira each vote worth 1.13 votes, in projects based in São Jacinto each vote is worth of 15.71 votes.

The programme, targeted for local citizens aged 18 or over, will have six stages, from

dissemination to presentation of proposals, including technical analysis, voting, presentation of results and implementation of the winning ideas.

All information and dates will be available at: https://opad.cm-aveiro.pt/