OPAD (Participatory Budget with Direct Action)


The Participatory Budget with Direct Action (OPAD) of the City of Aveiro (CMA) will finance projects submitted by local citizens, who will have the opportunity to actively participate in the implementation of their idea.


What is the OPAD?

The Participatory Budget with Direct Action is an initiative of the CMA that aims to deepen the collection of contributions from institutions and citizens, in the discussion and preparation of the municipal public budget. Taking into account the ongoing reformulation of calendar of events and activities, new rules were approved for the Participatory Budgeting with Direct Action (OPAD), with reinforcement of the funds financed by CMA, readjustment of timings, proportion of financing and proposal’s requirements for submission.

Tendo em conta a reformulação em curso do calendário de eventos e atividades, foram aprovadas novas normas para o Orçamento Participativo com Ação Direta (OPAD), com reforço da verba financiada pela Câmara Municipal de Aveiro (CMA), adapatação de datas, proporção de financiamento, modalidades de apresentação da iniciativa e acompanhamento das propostas.



Eligible participants?

Citizens over 18 years old registered in the Municipality of Aveiro. Participation can be individually or in group, limited to the submission of a single proposal.


How to participate?

Proposals must be submitted online at opad.cm-aveiro.pt platform or alternatively handed-out in person in the Integrated Service Office, located at the Council building.

The period for submission of proposals is from April 16th to July 15th, 2020.


2. Voting on projects:

Between September 1st and September 30th, you can vote for the 3 projects you would like to see implemented in your Municipality.

Check the opad.cm-aveiro.pt website for different voting options (online voting or message service).

ou sms).



Get to know the new dates and deadlines for proposals’ submission and voting:

Submission of proposals: April 16th to July 15th;

Technical analysis of the proposals: July 16th to August 7th;

Period to dispute: August 10th to August 15th;

Decision on complaints: August 17th to August 22nd;

Release of the final list of proposals under voting: September 1st ;

Voting: September 1st to September 30th;

Public announcement of winning projects: October 8th;

Execution period: October 9th, 2020 to April 16th, 2021.



Taking into account the ongoing reformulation of the calendar of events and activities, new rules were approved for the Participatory Budgeting with Direct Action (OPAD), with an increase in the amount financed by (CMA) and the proportion of funding:

The Global Budget was reinforced  from € 100,000 (VAT included) to € ​​​​​​​135.000,00€  (one hundred and thirty-five thousand euros) representing an increase of 35%.

Maximum Support per project reinforced  from € 20,000 (VAT included) to 27.000,00€

(twenty-seven thousand euros) including VAT.

Proposals are eligible for financial support up to a maximum of 90% (before 67%) of the total projects’ costs, with the outstanding value under proponent's responsibility


More information?

For more information you can send an email to opad@cm-aveiro.pt or visit opad.cm-aveiro.pt.



OPAD 2021 Offical Launch

In 2020, its first edition, OPAD achieved a positive outcome with a total of 17 applications, including the final seven winning proposals, selected trough citizens' vote, representing global investment of € 131,887.11 by the City of Aveiro. (…)