Person in charge of the team


Project description (type of concept/product/service to be developed).

Brief description of the potential users or customers, the problem that will be answered or the opportunity created with its development, trying if possible to detail it with quantitative or qualitative data.

Brief description of the project objectives and the results to be achieved, not only in qualitative but also in quantitative terms.

Clear and objective description of the current development phase of the solution and what are the next steps in its development. To safeguard intellectual property at this application stage, applicants should avoid disclosing confidential information, while nevertheless ensuring that the information provided is sufficient to assess its value.

Clear and objective description of the differences between the presented solution and current alternative solutions, including the benefits to customers and how it solves existing problems. The text should avoid expressions such as "it's better or faster than...”, opting for arguments such as "it allows for an increase by X%", in other words, as much quantitative as possible.

Description of generic characteristics of the market in which the concept, product or service fits and the extent to which its value proposition makes the solution attractive.

Description of the benefits that municipalities or other public entities can have in the management of cities, with the implementation of this type of technology/project.


Detailed description of how the infrastructure will be used for project development and, if applicable, the technical changes that are expected to be required in the infrastructure for the set-up of the project and/or its implementation and testing.

Description of how the use of infrastructure and/or urban platform is envisaged for the implementation of the project and achievement of the expected results.


Team composed by:

The Project Coordinator

O The Coordinator is the head of the project, who will be the one to sign the Acceptance Term and Work Plan on behalf of the team, as well as it will be through this element that, preferably, all communications will be made.

Other Team Elements (maximum 7 elements)

If the Project Coordinator does not have the legal powers to represent the entity, the latter must be granted the power to sign the Term of Acceptance and Work Plan on behalf of the entity.

Chronological description of the set of tangible objectives and activities relevant to the implementation of the project (it should naturally include the identification of the expected duration of the project and its activities, the expected forecast of the starting month and may preferably interrelate the human, material and technological resources required to implement each of the activities).

f candidates wish to complement their application with other elements, such as business model, portfolio, prototypes, videos or others, they should submit them in this section.


They are responsible for any claims about intellectual property rights or undue access to data and information of third parties.

They accept additional information required by the organisation.