Aveiro Tech City Challenges

The initiative Aveiro Tech City has one of its main goals to assume the city of Aveiro as a living laboratory, promoting the use of the Aveiro Tech City Living Lab - only laboratory in Portugal with an operational 5G network in the urban center of a City - to support and promote innovative projects in the fields of ​​Smart Cities, Internet of Things, Mobility, Environment, Sustainability, Energy, Waste, Tourism, Industry 4.0, Health and Defense.

It is also intended to attract to Aveiro the most innovative and disruptive projects, developed by companies, R&D centers or higher education institutions, which will allow us to have a vision of what future cities will be like.

In this context, the program “Aveiro Tech City Challenges” aims to give the opportunity to companies and R&D centers to develop and test innovative solutions and products, in a real environment, in the area of ​​Smart Cities and the Internet of Things.

The prizes amount to 20,000.00 euros per winner, in addition to monetary support for participation. The 1st Edition will elect a total of 6 finalists.



The programme is addressed to three types of beneficiaries:

  • Startups.
  • Scaleups.
  • R&D Institutions.


Categories and Challenges

Aveiro Tech City Challenges fall under the following two categories:

a)      Urban Challenges – are presented three challenges, with different themes and objectives:

  • Urban Challenge #1 – Trader Access and Occupancy Tax Payment Management System: Technological solution aimed to manage the access of traders in fairs organized by the Aveiro City Council, integrating a payment control solution.
  • Urban Challenge #2 - Water Consumption Management Systems in Public gardens: Technological solution consisting of sensors, actuators and a management platform, which ensures the optimization of water consumption in the context of garden irrigation.
  • Urban Challenge #3 - Monitoring the Energy Efficiency of Public Buildings: Technological solution consisting of sensors and a management platform, aimed at quantifying energy consumption in buildings by the various types of energy source and the respective identification of waste and savings opportunities.

b)       Aveiro Tech City Living Lab - it is intended to select 3 projects that take advantage of the existing infrastructure in Aveiro (see Resources - Aveiro Tech City Living Lab) and that intend to develop projects in the area of Smart Cities and Internet of Things.


Schedule and Stages

Aveiro Tech City Challenges will be implemented with the following timeline:

  • 1st of February to 14th of April 2022: Application submission period.
  • 18th to 29th of April 2022: Pre-Selection Period of Semi-finalist projects.
  • 2nd of May 2022: Announcement of 25 projects to participate in Aveiro Tech City Pitch.
  • 9th of May 2022 (Europe Day): Aveiro Tech City Pitch | Selection Period of finalist projects.
  • 30th to 31st of May 2022: Kick-off Event and Training.
  • 1st of June to 9th of October 2022: Development and Trial stage.
  • 31st August 2022: Progress Report delivery.
  • 10th to 16th of October 2022: Demodays @ Aveiro Tech Week 2022.
  • 13rd of October 2022: Pitch Training.
  • 14th of October 2022: Final Pitch.
  • 17th of October to 30th of November 2022: Final Rehearsals and Conclusion of the challenges.

Over the past years Aveiro Municipality has promoted two editions of Aveiro 5G Challenges. Get to know the winners of 2020 edition here and 2021 here. Also during that  period, two editions of Aveiro Urban Challenges were promoted.