Aveiro Criatech Artistic Residences 2nd Edition

Aveiro Criatech Artistic Residences is a programme for artistic residences and mentoring with the objective to boost the creativity in STEAM areas (Science, Technology, Engeneering, Arts and Mathematics) and to develop mixed skills in creativity and digital competences. With this initiative we aim to leverage the digital literacy among the local society and to develop mechanisms to create a positive artistic ecosystem in harmony with ITC industry. 
This residence focus on people connected to creative industry and technology who seek to develop or improve its artistic and creative practices. Participants can enjoy this opportunity to research, produce and network in a knowledge-sharing dynamics underpinned by experimentation, discussion, presentations and research in technological creativity. 

The 2 winning projects will have the opportunity to participate in Criatech 2021 and they will be able to receive a prize money of 1400€ each. 


a)    Redefine artistic and creative practices to the development of original projects in Digital Creativity and Multimedia Arts, with the support of the City of Aveiro. 
b)    Gain practical and theoretical tools in the production of technological objects, using creativity and capable to develop innovative artistic projects. This is an opportunity for emerging creators to develop their ideas supported by renown mentors in arts’ industry.
c)    Change the ways of working based in working groups and explore new ways of creating, thinking and experimenting in groups and at the same time develop skills in team work. 
d)    Subsequently, participants will:
i.    Be more capacitated to develop their own projects within the professional, personal and artistic context;
ii.   Contribute to the development of digital literacy and standardization of technology and creativity in day-to-day life, through mediation and presentation interventions to the general public at the end of the initiative. 

Target groups

Aveiro Criatech Artistic Residences is addressed to students, professors, researchers and general public with academic background in:
a) Computer programing;
b) Electronics and Robotic;
c) Design;
d) Visual Arts;
e) Performative Arts;
f) Music;
g) Architecture;
h) Others that find motivation to participate in the residence.
Candidates must have 18 years old or older, and must understand and speak Portuguese and English.


The Aveiro Criatech Artistic Residences will be implemented with the following timeline:
a)    3rd of May to 12th of September – Applications period
b)    13th September to 19th September – Applications assessment
c)    20th September 2021 – Participants announcement
d)    27th Speptember to 2nd October – Criatech Artistic Residences programme
e)    11th to 16th October 2021 - Exhibition of the  projects develop at the artistic residences.


Application submission and deadlines

Applications must be submitted individually until 11:59pm (PT Time) by the 12th Sptember 2021, to the email address aveirotechcity@cm-aveiro.pt, containing all the submission documents. 


Application Documents 
Applications must be submitted in digital with no more than 10 pages and must contain the following:

  1. Bio or CV, with name, phone and email.
  2. Citizen Card, Passport or any other form of birthdate evidence.
  3. Cover letter (500 words) containing:
    (i) project presentation or projects which the candidate would like to develop (is not mandatory to have a project in this stage; projects can be developed in the beginning of the residence. If you present a project, cover letter can have +500 words);
    (ii) pictures or renders/visualizations of other projects or synopses;
    (iii) links for visualization platforms of candidate’s website, videos or images in platforms or web.
  4. Projects’ portfolio.
  5. Two references – not mandatory.
  6. Declaration to authorise the use of images and information of projects and work process during the residences for communication purposes. 






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