Labour Observatory

Aveiro Labour Observatory is an innovative initiative developed under the scope of the project Aveiro STEAM City. The Observatory aims to contribute to the development of skills and to the retention of human talent in Aveiro, identifying training needs and developing training programs to meet the challenges of the business environment in Aveiro.
Motivated by the digital transformation that characterizes the current contexts of life and work, the Labour Observatory conducts multiple activities aimed at diagnosing what are the qualification and requalification needs in Aveiro, in a tight dialogue with companies and local stakeholders in the business domains of ICTE, Industry, Tourism and Services.

The development of such a prospective view about the qualification priorities in Aveiro will allow for the dissemination of information in a systematic manner, reaching local stakeholders in including professionals, education and training providers, businesses, among others. The Observatory will provide information about the demands for skills and competences in the current labor market, and this information will support the development of short-term short training programs targeted to the specific needs of sectors of ICTE, Industry, Tourism and Services, as well as targeting young graduates across different fields of knowledge.

The activities of Aveiro Labour Observatory are developed by a multidisciplinary team that brings together researchers across the different scientific domains from the University of Aveiro. It builds also on the collaboration of other partners in the Aveiro STEAM City project, including INOVA-RIA and the Municipality of Aveiro.

An opportunity to discuss the present and the future of work, at the disposal of Aveiro.


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