MTF Video Open Call winners

Nuno Barbosa and Luis Avallos are the winners of the MTF Video Open Call, which intended to meet the producers for the development of the video narrative of #MTFLabs Aveiro and #MTFSparks Aveiro.

Nuno Barbosa, awarded with € 3,500, will produce the 5-minute video narrative about #MTFLabs Aveiro. Luis Avallos is responsable for 3-minute video about #MTFSparks, awarded with € 1,500 to develop it. 

The Music Tech Fest moves to Aveiro between the 12th and 18th of October. During this week, a carefully selected group of #MTF experts, together with a local group of creators, researchers and entrepreneurs, will work with cutting edge technology, gathering knowledge and experience to create new projects, products and businesses that will be presented to the public on the last day initiative.