Tech Labs at Schools

Within the project Aveiro STEAM City and local STEAM education program, on February 5th the first Tech Lab was publicly presented at Escola EB1 de Sarrazola, with the presence of the Mayor of the City of Aveiro, José Ribau Esteves, Filipe Teles, Vice-Rector of University of Aveiro, Pedro Pombo, Director of Fábrica da Ciência Viva, Manuel Alexandre, Director of Rio Novo do Príncipe Schools Board and Nelson Santos, President of Junta de Freguesia de Cacia. This event marks the implementation of technological laboratories in elementary schools in the Municipality of Aveiro, designed to enhance students interest in new technological and scientific areas.

For the inaugural ceremony, Sarrazola’s Primary School hosted an open class for the local students’ community, where the Mayor along with with the project partners and press interacted with the students during class activities and tested the new equipment.

The Mayor of Aveiro stated that “This day will be forever in our children’s minds, as the day that the schools adapted to the technological needs of today. Aveiro needs more qualified people to work in companies in the municipality, and not only. It is for the children that we are sowing today to be able to harvest in the future.”

The City of Aveiro installed Tech Labs in all primary schools and have already deployed a training scheme for school teachers. 31 Local schools are equipped with Tech Labs, containing a 3D printer, Robotic Kits, Electric components and laptops, to stimulate young children interest for these activities and developed their skills in these areas. The main objectives of this initiative are the development of STEAM skills, stimulate students interest for these areas and create experimentation sessions for students to explore digital tools and solutions.

This action is part of the broader strategy of the City of Aveiro to promote the STEAM education and skills throughout the different school levels.